Sleepy Saturday 2013

Today it was an effort just to get up.  I managed to spend an hour on my exercise bike, which gave me slightly more energy. Posting on my blog was enjoyable.

This afternoon Lynette and I are going to a farmer's market in "Old Town Winchester".  It's a small "city center" with restaurants and small locally owned stores.  The farmer's market is a one day event from 1 PM until 4 PM.

Later we're going to the grand opening of Castiglia's Pizza Amore.  It's a small family business. We like the owners.  They offer some of the best Italian food we've ever tasted.

This is one of the owner's restaurants but they had to shut down their old restaurant.  Now they just have this one. I liked the atmosphere of the old place. Hopefully they can turn this one into more of a restaurant than a pizza parlor.

I wish them luck!


  1. Hvad mon den drømmer? Noget dejligt tror jeg., for den smiler.

    1. I wonder what the dream? Something nice I think., The smiles

      Ja, han ser så fredelig.
      Yes, he looks so peaceful.

  2. Ooh . . . I'm getting hungry that must be a great place to eat!

    1. We love it! Great food and warmhearted owners.

  3. me too, all the best to my italian friends...
    and goo sleep for you tomorrow ! ciao


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