The "Y" of Pythagoras

“The Pythagoras Letter two ways spread,
Shows the two paths in which Man’s life is led.

The right hand track to sacred Virtue tends,
Though steep and rough at first, in rest it ends;

The other broad and smooth, but from its Crown
On rocks the Traveler is tumbled down.

He who to Virtue by harsh toils aspires,
Subduing pains, worth and renown acquires;

But who seeks slothful luxury, and flies,
The labor of great acts, dishonored dies.”

From: “The Pythagorean Source-book and Library”

So much meaning from one simple letter surprised me. I first found this symbolism for the letter "Y" in a book my wife found in a Boarders bookstore, which was going out of business. She thought I could use it in the novel I was working on.

I don't remember the cost of the book but it was marked down very low, considering all the work that went into writing it.
"The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols" by Adele Nozedar. 
It must be out of print.

Later I found the poem on the link: The Pythagorean Y .

Here's another explanation from the link:

“The Letter [Y] of Pythagoras, cleft by a two-pronged division,
May be seen to display the very image of human life.
For the steep path of virtue takes the righthand way,
And presents difficult access at first to onlookers,
But grants rest to the weary on its lofty summit.
The lefthand path shows the pleasant route, but its endpoint
Casts and rolls its prisoners headlong down over rough rocks.
For whoever has overcome harsh misfortunes through the love
Of virtue, will obtain for himself praise and honour.
But he who pursues sloth and indolent debauchery,
Whilst heedlessly fleeing the toils set before him,
Shameful and contemptible, leads all the while a wretched life.”  

I'm not into the occult but sometimes I find it interesting.
It's a little bit like reading a horror novel.

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