Massimo's Chianti Vinyard Photographs with Frames

Chianti vineyard
colline del Chianti , San Gimignano

November 2, 2013, Chianti vineyard - 
Vigneti del Chianti
Colline Senesi - San Gimignano

These are two masterpieces!

Here is the link for Massimo's blog:
Italian view


  1. John,
    this is a big honor for me !!! you are too kind, and I am really glad you like it. This is the view we had from our farm house , just of our the terrace... I believe it is just magic..
    with the life we do everyday (at least me) staying there some days is just a hart recovery !!!
    I don't know if you understand what I mean...
    I saw after many year some fantastic places in that area, but nothing is better than nature !
    thank you very much again, this is really appreciated.
    next post I will show you "our" farm house... just magic...

    1. It's my pleasure to post these beautiful photos.

  2. Absolutely stunning!!! I have sat here looking at these gorgeous photos for over 10 minutes, trying to see every detail and shadow. Thank you for this beautiful post and the link to this talented photographer, John~~~


    1. I enjoy his photography and wanted to share it.


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