Little Spinning Angels

Here's a wonderful poem from Teresa Evangeline's site. 

"Childish Things"

When they light the candles a little propeller
turns the angels around and around.

They are of gold, of thin metal,
with a trumpet held in front of each mouth,

And a sound that comes when a tiny chain
drags across a silvery chime.

Flecks of light dance on the ceiling
from figures that gleam as they pass the flame.

That sight, that sound, that warm candle
shine through the years. You look out the window:

What are you doing with the years that shine
around and around when the angels come?
~ William Stafford

Yesterday after reading this poem I went out and bought a new candle angel set. I found the last set! I was hoping to get a larger version but this one will be fine.

I cold not get a clear 


  1. Those little angels must get dizzy, John.

    1. I bet they do. I wish you and the family a great Christmas. Enjoy the New Year.

  2. Lovely angelbell! I have such a same angelbell. It's 50 yers old and there is four candles.
    Great Christmas and happy New Year.

  3. Your Angel Bell is an antique, very precious!
    I wish you and the family a Happy Christmas and New Year!


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