A Free To-Do List Program That I Like

I like to call my To-Do list my "Action List".  It just sounds better to me, more encouraging to do something rather than just add items to a list.

I tried out a few programs but this one is easier and more useful.  You can even change the background!

Here's the original background:

Here is a link:

The Best To-Do App for Windows

Using pen and paper is okay but you can't make changes as easily. Rearranging, organizing, deleting are much easier with a computer program.
But using paper and pen does not require any equipment or learning to use the software.

I still print a copy just in case something goes wrong.     


  1. That is a new discovery for me, John! I need to be more disciplined and organized. I noticed that I am lucking this quality. You presented here a very good idea!!!

    1. It has the features I like and it's free. They sell a version with tools that a business might use but for me the free version is more than enough.


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