I'm Trying an On-Line Genealogy Program Called WeRelate

Why I'm going to try WeRelate:

It's free. I don't want to get into a subscription service like
It works like wiki; a website that allows editing of its content by its users.

I hope I can find distant relatives working on their genealogy so we can exchange information.  This is what could make the website useful.

The information is saved as a webpage.  This should be safer than having it on my PC because I can use any PC to find it.
But I wonder if letting my family history be out on the web will jeopardize my privacy. 
I'm not publishing my social security number, bank accounts, etc. I'm not a celebrity. It should be safe.   

I found this on the Gizmo freeware website.

Here's a video explaining how it works:

The link:

So far I'm still learning to use this wiki website. It's more difficult than I expected. I'll let you know how it works out. 

I'm also going to use a program that works offline. It's called Legacy.  I'll try the free version. I'll explain more about it on another post.


  1. I guess, you just have to say to yourself that whatever you decide to put online will be public and if you're not happy for people to know it, then don't put it out there. Once you press that 'button' it's too late.

    I'd love to be able to find out all my family history. It would be exciting to know what they all did as work, how many children they had and if anyone took a dark path in life. All the best John in checking your roots.

  2. Thanks RPD. I'll go into a little more detail in my next post.
    Then I'll try the Legacy offline program.


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