Genealogy of My Father's Branch of the Family

Genealogy on my father's side of the family stops at:

Angela Di Clemente (the grandmother I never met)
Named as the mother of Antonio Mallozzi
1. On his Death Certificate (16 July 1971)
2. On his Marriage Certificate (8 November 1947)
There is no further documentation.

Giovanni Mallozzi (the grandfather I never met)
Named as the father of Antonio Mallozzi
1. On his Death Certificate (16 July 1971) (Named "John")
2. On his Marriage Certificate (8 November 1947)
There is no further documentation.

I also have a few photos of people I do not know and there is almost no documentation to verify that we are related.  

But they most likely are relatives.  
~Otherwise, why would the photos be kept for all these years?
~Also, they look like they could be family members.

There is a military background.  
Now this military history belongs in Italy where my father was born.  He was in Mussolini's army as a cook (most likely drafted!); in Eritrea which is an African country to the north of Ethiopia on the Red Sea.  In a short time he became a prisoner of war under the English army.

After the war he married my mother.  She was an American citizen who grew up in Italy.  They moved to Brooklyn, New York where he soon became a naturalized citizen.

Now here is the evidence for a military background of my earlier relatives. 

My father

My grandfather?

My great grandfather?
Some other relation?
Just a nice photo? 

Notice how the last two photos are mounted on a piece of cardboard.  
"From the second half of the nineteenth century and up until the early twentieth century it was customary, with virtually no exceptions, the 
assembly of photographic prints on cardstock media."
 It was called the Margarita (daisy) photographic style.


 Daisy Format - Wikipedia

Why I believe they are my relatives:
~square shape of their heads.
(My head is not as square shaped and my eyes and nose are more like my mother's)

Finally there is the helmet. It took a while but I found the origin.

Evidence on back of photo:

I'm sure that must be my father's signature but maybe it could be his father's.  
I like the different style for the letter "A" and "M".

It has the Italian spelling for Piedmont (Piemonte).  

There is the Royal Cavalry (Reale Cavallera)

There seems to be a division number ("nel II..?)

February 1931 was before World War II; which began in Europe about 1939.

Italy was under a king at the time. 
Victor Emmanuel III, King of Italy (29 July 1900 – 9 May 1946)

Next I'll have to find a way to go back further into the history.  
This is all I have.


  1. Oh, I find this so interesting! Do you have any older relatives you could ask or perhaps any family Bibles that might have the names written in them? The men do look similar to me, but then, all good looking men look the same to me! LOL!
    Have you watched that TV show "Who Do You Think You Are?". It really started in England, but they have begun doing some shows here...some of them were better than others, don't miss the Jim Parsons one or the one with Christina Applegate.
    Let us know if you find out anything else!

  2. The show is fascinating. If it comes on again I'll be sure to watch it.
    Thanks for your interest.
    Maybe my future grandson will be interested in the history of his family. My exploration will make it a little easier for him.

  3. I find that the best thing when you try to look something up about your family tree is to find that someone else has researched it already and it is all right there for you to see!
    We can't always be lucky though, and you might have to look through a lot of documents of census, deeds, birth certificates, etc. and try to piece it all together. I find it very interesting myself and I have since the show "Roots" was shown on TV in the 70's. Do you remember that?

    1. Yes, it was an excellent series. I appreciate it more now that I'm into my family's history.

      My cousin in Florida (we only exchange Christmas cards) gave me the phone number of my cousin in New Jersey and an e-mail address for a cousin in Virginia.

      I talked with my New Jersey cousin over the phone a couple of times. After that she seemed to be worried that I wanted something from her. I decided to wait for a while before calling her again.

      The other cousin e-mailed me back saying we are not related and to watch out!
      When I'm ready I'll e-mail him with more details about how I found him.
      I'll try and pry out more information from my Florida cousins.

      Wow! Maybe there's something secret going on.

  4. Hallo John,
    nice story, and again I see how much we Italians are linked to the Americans...
    it's a beautiful story ! so, you have some Italian blood, nice to know !
    saluti dal tuo Paese di Origine !

  5. Ciao Massimo,
    My mother was born in USA but her parents were from Calabria. At a very young age they returned to Italy. She spoke very little English.
    My father was born in Rome. When they moved to New York we spoke English so I know very little Italian.
    I'm trying to learn some Italian and pass on some family history to our grandson who will be born in September.
    ~Grazie molto mio amico.


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