I haven't been posting lately because of a problem I'm having at the incision area of my spine operation.  It's called a pseudomeningocele which is cerebrospinal fluid leaking into a swelling near where the surgery started.
The surgeon's office instructed me to see a neurologist for the terrible headaches that it sometimes causes but the swelling should heal on its own.

It seems to be getting larger and I can't put much weight on it like lying on my back in bed or leaning on my back while I sit.

The neurologist referred me to neurosurgeon for advice but I haven't heard about it yet.  In the meantime he's doing nerve conduction tests on my legs for my drop-foot condition, which is not related to the pseudomeningocele 

The original operation for back pain and leg weakness was a success.  I'm able to walk without using walker or cane.  My back pain is gone.

Now I'll have to get this new problem fixed.  But I'm still very lucky compared to the diseases that are out there.   

Another reason for not posting as much as usual is the Christmas season with its decorations and shopping for gifts.


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