New Blog Design, February 2015

I want to make my blog easier to navigate and less cluttered; so I set up a simpler design.

I used Georgia font in bold, italic because it looks more personal, like real handwriting.

I changed the font to Verdana because it's a little easier to read.

Verdana,  Verdana bold,     Verdana bold & italic. Verdana small, Verdana even smaller
Georgia,     Georgia bold,          Georgia bold & italic.       Georgia small,       Georgia even smaller

There's not really much of a difference. Just for fun I might try other fonts and switch around a bit.

I made the text black instead of the original dark grey.

A plain background on the lower part of the blog will make the links for the websites and blogs stand out.

These websites and blogs are updated with the newer posts on top.
Besides posting, I like to share parts of the web that I enjoy visiting.

I'm not sure why but I don't get many comments.  I'll try to respond to each comment and visit the blogger's site.


  1. me gusta, un diseño sencillo y ordenado

  2. I do read your site, John... but don't always comment. I'll try to do better. I do tend to be a lurker. And I don't get a lot of comments on my site either, but do enjoy them when I do. As for your new format, it's a bit bold for me. I had to back up a bit from my computer as it kind of shouted at me. But that's just me...

    1. I do the same thing Rian. I read the post but usually I don't comment.
      Thanks for reading my site.
      I'll probably change the blog set up in a few months if I get tired of it.
      It's fun to move things around.
      Take care

  3. It is always nice to try something a little new. It looks good.


I enjoy reading your comments.
I'll visit your blog.


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