O.A.R. -Peace

I love the video.  It goes great with the music and lyrics.  Try full screen.

O.A.R. - Peace

I don't wanna fight no more
I only wanna get to shore
Baby don't slam the door tonight
We ran another off the tracks 
That's time we can't get back
We can save tomorrow if we try
Oh oh oh oh until we make this right
Oh oh oh oh I won't say good night 
I just wanna make you laugh
I just wanna see that smile
Babe we're only here, oh for a little while
I just wanna hold you till we fall asleep 
I want love, I want us, I want you, I want me, I want peace
Everybody needs a place, somewhere that's warm and safe
For shelter from this crazy world we're in
But tonight I let the rain inside, I took away your place to hide
I'm sorry that I made you cry again


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