Coming to the End ?

After a series of health problems starting with back surgery in September 2014, involving additional surgery to correct that surgery in February 2015; I developed a series of seizures after a meningitis/pneumonia infection.  I had a blood transfusion at the time to correct my anemia.  Maybe that was the origin of the infection.

Now I'll need a fairly long rehabilitation to get back to a healthier state.

The strangest thing I find about all this is that I was so anxious and in pain that I wanted to die.  It just felt like the right time.

I don't remember most of my delusions and hallucinations.  I don't remember biting one of the nurses or believing setting EEG wires into my scalp as a hair style.

The delusion of flying through a long thin tube, passing through the history of my life until I was suddenly cut short was the scariest roller coaster I've ever taken.

The next almost as bad delusion was flying through an infinitely long numerical tube, waiting for God to put an end to my life.  I was scared but it was up to God.


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