Why Is There Good In the World?

Last night I watched the movie Deliver Us From Evil.  It was a frightening story about a cop and a priest.  The policeman gave up his belief in God because of all the evil in the world.
The priest looked at the question from a different perspective.  He told the policeman that the question should really be why is there so much good in the world?

While the movie was an unbelievable Hollywood story, with an exorcism at the end; what the priest said made sense to me.  God gave us free will so why aren't 't people more evil? Every day most people do good, or at least try to be good.

Today I had lunch at Chic-fil-A, fast food restaurant and dropped my tray of food.  My cane caused me to lose my grip.
Strangers helped me wipe the floor and pick up the tray. One man said they should have helped me to my table.  Another man went up to the counter to get a replacement for my meal and the manager was glad to oblige. I thanked everyone.
I was embarrassed but happily surprised by the kindness of these strangers. I think good deeds are often ignored as we concentrate on the evil in the world.

It still doesn't explain sickness and natural disasters but there must be some purpose to them, which we can never understand.
I remember a comparison of dogs to humans and humans to God.  When a dog follows his master into a library, watches him take a book off the shelf and read; he has no understanding of what the man is doing.  It's just like when we try to understand God, we have no idea what's going on.

I only wish I had more faith.


  1. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Fantastic post.

    Why do we concentrate more on evil than good? Why don't we have more faith?

    We have common sense and power to choose and yet we concentrate on difficulties and problem and not on our strengths and capabilities and blessings. We can ruin a perfectly good day by negative thinking.

    All problems have two sides and it depends on which side we looking Two men looked out from prison bars, One saw the mud, the other saw stars. In fact, as you narrated the incident in the hotel, there were people who came forward to help you and there were people who did not. But you chose to look at the good people who helped you and thanked them profusely.

    Excellent post. I enjoyed reading it.

    Best wishes

  2. John, I am in a quandary as to why most of us choose to be good...but thankfully,
    we as a human race do make being good the correct choice.
    There is evil and hate in our has been here since man began...I do not see that it will ever be a peaceful world.
    We have had eons to change our thought patterns but man continues to cause mayhem with his neighbor.

  3. These are thought provoking questions. It is generally best to treat others as you wish to be treated. But then it hurts so when someone you have treated well treats you bad, It is nice to hear your story of all the kind people who treated you well. Hopefully their kindness will be returned.


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