The Beef Lady

I have trouble taking iron tablets for my anemia.  I get very bad constipation. My doctor recommended a diet rich in iron.  For now she suggested eating beef every day, which is okay with me.  I'll have to see how this affects my weight and cholesterol levels.
While searching the net for information on iron rich foods I came across this photo.

It would make a cannibal very hungry.

Interesting how the cuts of beef would look like on a person.

This is not the same lady.  Is she?
I like my steak cooked medium not rare.

There's definitely more meat on a bull than on a cow. 


  1. don't know if my previous comment was received, so, I try again:
    i was saying this is a very funny post... and that your sense of humor seems to be very good at present !
    all the best and cari saluti.

  2. Spinach is full of iron too, so have a spinach salad with your beef! Bon appetite!

  3. I have some suggestions for you. First of all potatoes help your body assimilate the iron especially baked with skin on. Some food rich in iron are: all red meats, clams, oysters, tuna, pork, broccoli, asparagus, romaine lettuce, green beans, kale, Swiss chard, lima beans, green peas, lentils, soybeans, chickpeas, bran flakes, whole grains, tofu, sesame seeds, bean sprouts, almonds, cashews, dates, figs dried apricots, sunflower seeds and so on. Soups and salads made using combinations of these are appetizing and easy to enjoy. Some of them will help ease constipation (especially the figs) and there are other foods that can help there. Berries, popcorn, beans Like Navy beans, dried fruits like raisins, prunes. Others are bran and flax seed, raw plums, pears, and apples, Brazil nuts, walnuts, and peanuts, and even baked potatoes. You can see that many of the things in the list of iron rich are also things that are high in fiber to help the digestive process. I am also prone to anemia so I can tell you that these are all good for you. Some I am not as fond of so I do not eat them often but the rest keep me healthy.

    1. Thank you Emma for the list. I''m getting a little tired of beef.

  4. That last photo just helped me to stop eating all together :) The ladies are very attractive so I suppose one would consider them dessert?
    I am with Debra on this one John :))


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