A Baby Tree?

I found this plant growing in one of my empty pots.  Last year I found the same type of plant growing in a crack between the bricks of my front stoop.  I made the mistake of trying to transplant it into a pot.  It wilted and died.

Notice the three clover plants in the background on the right side.  I didn't notice them until I transferred the photo to this post.  They'er beautiful.

The plant is only about two and a half inches tall.

This time I'm going to leave it alone and see what happens.


  1. Splendida!
    Buona giornata da Beatris

  2. It looks so much like a long needle pine sapling but at this stage it is hard to say. I t may be a type of weed or wildflower, too. Well...I guess that covers it :))
    The clover is perfectly lovely.
    Truly nice photos, John and I hope the mystery gets solved. Where is Sherlock Holmes when you need him :))

  3. Another of nature's mysteries. And I do love a good mystery.


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