Indoor Apple Tree Progress #3

This morning when I checked the apple seed pot I saw 3 small growths of what I thought were sprouts.  They were tiny mushrooms!  They were growing right where I had planted the seeds.  Does this mean the seeds are dead?

Here is a closeup.  

When I first saw them they were standing erect.  After breakfast I took these photos.  They had all fallen over.

Later, in the afternoon I saw they had all withered and died.  So maybe my apple seeds still have a chance.  I'll have to wait and see.


  1. I planted flowers seeds last year, they grew as a tomato plant. Lol at the people at that factory

  2. Don't give-up, John...wishing you apple sprouts, soon~

  3. We will just have to wait for the net installment.

  4. The mushroom spores were probably just already in the soil. Still cheering for your apple tree!


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