A Hamster in Disneyland

Many years ago I had a pet hamster.  I named him Meatball.  I bought him for an experiment in my introduction to psychology class.  I kept a record of how I taught him to do something. I forgot what it was.

He was very smart and figured out how to unlock his cage and explore the house.  He never bit me.

Here's a video from Disneyland

I found it on the Mashable website ( Mashable )


  1. Hamsters are entertaining little creatures. I can watch tem cram stuff into those cheeks for as long as they will do it.

  2. I love that name. So great. I can't view the video from the tablet, but again, Meatball is a great name.

  3. I know people like hamsters. One year, our son put his name in the hat to possibly bring home the pet hamster from school for the Christmas break. His name was not drawn, so it went home with someone else. Sadly, the hamster died. I was so grateful that this did not happen on our watch!!

  4. I wonder how they make the mouse-ear cap stay on.


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