Last of the Sunflowers 2015

The last live flowers.  Maybe they're a different variety. 

I watched a squirrel climb up one of the stalks.  He looked puzzled then climbed down.
I missed a photo of a cardinal on one of the still yellow flowers.  The color contrast of deep red and bright yellow would have made a great image.  But by the time I got my camera he had flown away.

I know the birds enjoyed the seeds.


  1. I love sunflowers! We had some giant ones in the front earlier this summer. They grew from the seeds that fell from the birdfeeder.
    Talking about missing the shot of the cardinal on the sunflower... I've missed so many great shots... just yesterday I missed the kitten watching the young raccoon try his best to get the ring with the ball into the kitty pool. Ran to get my phone to do a video clip... by the time I got it, he had given up.

    1. Sometimes I feel like carrying my camera with me just in case.

  2. This was a nostalgic goodbye to summer. You may have missed the cardinal but the rest of the birds make up for it.

    1. I enjoy watching them eat the seeds

  3. Even as they fade...Sunflowers are beautiful, John~


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