35th Anniversary!

Lynette and I have been married for 35 years!  It will be a quiet celebration, just the two of us for dinner and back home to watch TV together.
I've had terrible headaches as a side effect of daily doses of intravenous immunoglobulin this past week for my CIDP.  See my earlier post. Here's the link: CIDP.
Last night I had to take some oxycodone, left over from before my back surgery last year.  The extra strength Tylenol did not help much.  The pain felt like a knife stabbed into my neck.  
I was supposed to feel more strength in my legs but so far I only feel the headaches. Maybe I'll just have to give it more time to work.

      (That's not me in the photo but that's how I felt.)

We'll celebrate by going to one of our favorite restaurants.  They serve the best Chinese food I've ever had.  We usually order extra dishes to take home for dinner the next couple of days.

It will be some quiet time together.  That's what's important.


  1. Happy anniversary. May you celebrate many, many more together. Sorry about the headaches!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both -- 35 years is a great accomplishment in this day and age! I hope your headaches ease off soon.

  3. Have a wonderful celebration of your anniversary. Congratulations and good wishes to both of you. I do hope you feel some progress soon for your health.

  4. happy anniversary to you both! sorry the treatment has had side effects. Headaches rank right up there with the worst there is. try and enjoy your dinner out!

  5. Sorry about the head pain. Congrats on the marriage. Time home alone is the BEST.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Once on an airplane, I had a bad headache. The man beside me noticed me rubbing my temple and he told me to massage my thumb with my other hand. I don't know if it helped, I rubbed my thumb so hard, I could only think of how bad my thumb was hurting! LOL.
    Take care, seriously, help your pain eases soon.

  7. 35th Anniversary deserves special attention! Congrats guys for this milestone! I would like to see your anniversary photos too. I shared my 1st anniversary pictures on blog. Jim gave a surprise party at one of my best event venue and everyone was present there.


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