Disappearing Dots

My brother Tony E-mailed this video to me.  For me the center green dot comes on and off while the yellow dots seem to disappear for a moment.

I circled one of the yellow dots with my hand so it was the only one I could see. It did not disappear.  Neither did the other yellow dots when I tested them in turn.  The illusion is real and not a tampering with the video.

Here it is:


  1. That was pretty cool. I love stuff like that. Thanks.

  2. The right dot did not disappear like the left and bottom one did. I have a slight cold in my right eye so perhaps that is the difference. Illusions fascinate me.

  3. Fascinating. First time I did it I saw the the three yellow dots not disappear, second time the yellow dot disappeared for a second.

  4. That was really fascinating and interesting. Great post! Hugs...


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