Healthy Weight for Seniors

BMI = Body Mass Index  is a measure of body fat based on height and weight.

I recently read that a slightly heavier weight for seniors is still healthy.  Here's one explanation from Living Strong:

Body Composition

"As you age, you lose muscle mass. It's called sarcopenia, and as muscle mass decreases, fat tissue centralizes, filling in the gaps, so to speak. You also tend to store more fat as age progresses, thus maintaining steady or slightly increasing weight. Sarcopenia in obese elderly patients is associated with functional impairment and disability, so the upper ranges of BMI indicating obesity may indicate poor health outcomes in seniors as well as younger adults. That suggests that an ideal weight range for seniors is somewhere between the upper limit for good health for younger adults and the obesity range that is detrimental to patients of all ages. The Yale study concludes that 27, and not 25, should perhaps be the ideal upper limit for BMI in older persons."  From The Ideal Weight for Older People | LIVESTRONG.COM
Click sources chart below for a clearer view.

I want to keep my BMI above 23 because under 23 is not as healthy.  Yet still be under the old standard BMI of under 25 even though 27 is said to be okay.  This way I'll be covered by both standards. If I feel better with the lower weight then I'll just go with what feels best as long as it is above a BMI of 23.
Here is a link to calculating your BMI: Calculate Your BMI - Standard BMI Calculator
The calculator looks like this.
Now I won't have to worry about getting fat but worry about being too thin instead!
Is this a bit obsessive?
Is health mainly a matter of good luck (good genes, not catching a bad disease, no accidents)?


  1. Good genes and good luck definitely help! Folk wisdom says it's good for older people to have some extra weight so that if illness does come, you can afford to lose a bit of weight and not get dangerously skinny right off the hop.

    1. Excellent advice that modern medicine is just starting to approve of.

  2. If I feel good that is good enough for me.

  3. I'd rather have a bit more weight on than being too skinny.
    Health has a lot to do with ones genes, that's what I believe..maybe a bit of luck along the way..

    1. I think too skinny is worse than a little heavy.

  4. I think my BMI is something like 42 so I win! ha ha ha I am 5'11" tall and weigh almost 300 lbs. My blood pressure is maintained with medication at around 130 over 80. My triglycerides and cholesterol is normal. Other than nerve pain and arthritis I feel pretty good. I will be 66 years old in March. ha ha ha Eat,drink and be happy! dear friend...


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