Tea: Bags or Loose?

I usually use tea bags because they're easy and fast with almost no cleanup. Sometimes I play around with loose tea.  The quality is supposed to be better. I've heard that the price per cup is cheaper.

I like Tazo English Breakfast tea bags.  There's more tea in each bag and it makes a strong cup of tea.

Bigelow has a nice variety.  The English Breakfast tea is not as strong.  They have an American Breakfast tea with more caffeine and stronger flavor.
The Earl Grey tea is made with bergamot oil which is much better than the bergamot "flavor" that Twinings uses.

Bergamot Fruit from Calabria Italy

I have to admit that playing with loose tea is fun.  I use a frog tea infuser.
I put sugar and milk in my tea except for green teas.

Now I'm using Twining's Irish Breakfast loose tea.  But I need more tea leaves to make it stronger.

In the supermarkets near me I can only find Twining and Lipton loose tea.  I don't like Lipton tea.  I'll have to order loose tea on the internet.

It all comes down to making it how you like; My "cup of tea"or just "not my cup of tea".

How do you make your tea?


  1. It is difficult to find good loose tea in the US. I had a friend who came from Scotland. She made the most full-bodied tea ever. There was not a trace of bitterness that I often find when I use loose tea. She had a special teapot with holes at the inside of the spout. She did not use an infuser. I also prefer a good breakfast tea or Earl Grey. But I will take any tea you offer.

    1. I also like a full-bodied tea without bitterness.

  2. We use teabags...and Yorkshire tea is the best! WE brought some back from England but when it runs out, we will either order it from Amazon or we can buy it from Publix!

  3. If you do loose without a thingy-mc-bob, you can read your tea leaves at the bottom of the cup.

    Loose is my top pick, always. But I don't always have enough of that on hand. But when I make hubby's cold tea, it's loose, all the way.

    1. How do you make your tea? Do you use a teapot?

    2. For Tim's iced tea? If it's not summer, because summer I do loose outside tea in glass. But if it's off-season, I use a glass kettle and bring the water just barely to boil, slight bubbles, but not many. Then I pour into a 2 liter glass jar, that has 17 grams of loose decaf organic Irish tea. Cover, and let set for 24 hours or so. Once cooled though, the 2 liter glass jars go in fridge and every now and then we shake them up.

      Then..once done, at least 24 hrs, we strain the loose tea. Then I add fresh lemon and lime juice along with pure 100 percent stevia herbal extract, to taste for hubby. Note: Not that crap-ass stevia blend or stevia that's been cut. We use only pure 100 percent herbal extract.

      I usually make two or three, 2 liter jars at one go, depending on how many lemons and limes we have on the counter, at room temp.

      And that it. We also make lemonade too, Only we increase the fresh lemon and lime juice and skip the tea.

      Now that I've answered that, I realized you might have meant hot tea. If so, my bad. For that, I use a glass kettle as well because I find the glass kettle makes for a cleaner tasting cuppa.


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