Be Kind

“Over the years you get to see what a struggle life is for most people, how tough it is, how easy it is to be judgmental and criticize and stand outside of situations and impart your wisdom and judgment. But over the decades I've got more tolerant of people's flaws and mistakes. Everybody makes a lot of them. When you're younger you feel: "Hey, this person is evil" or "This person is a jerk" or stupid or "What's wrong with them?" Then you go through life and you think: "Well, it's not so easy." There's a lot of mystery and suffering and complication. Everybody's out there trying to do the best they can. And it's not such an easy business.”
- Woody Allen

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  1. This post was not mine but comes via "Coyote Prime", blogger at www.Running'CauseICan' He is the one to be acknowledged. His is best blog I've encountered - A very concerned and caring Native American. Share his posts and spread the good!

  2. The quote by Woody Allen is so true. As I grow older, I become more tolerant of people's flaw and weakness, no longer so judgmental and impatient. Thank you for sharing.

  3. With age comes wisdom. I have no idea who said that first but to a large extent it is true. Tolerance is one of the hardest things to cultivate.

  4. John, I do believe that's the best advice anyone can give...
    just "be kind".

  5. Truer words could not be spoken. And like you, as I get older I get more and more patient, understanding, tolerant and accepting. And the more I become that way, the happier I feel.


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