Corkscrew Complications

This simple corkscrew is like the one my father used.  Surfing through the web I found some interesting ones, especially a very complicated machine for removing corks.

This is the type of bottle opener I own.  It's only a little more complicated than the first one.

This must be an antique model.  I have no idea how it works.

Below is a video of the complicated bottle opener I was telling you about:

I think the gun hammer is a bottle opener.

Open it without a corkscrew.

This is a sort of erotic model.



  1. The second youtube clip was funny. How desperate do you have to be for a drink to try and beat a bottle against the wall to make the cork pop out?

  2. The last photo took my fancy :)
    The first video what an invention, someone was clever but it's noisy.
    The first two photos, my late dad had those.

  3. So many bottles have screw tops nowadays that I hardly use a corkscrew anymore. Maybe I just drink cheap wine?

  4. I like your corkscrew collection. It is astounding what a mind can conjure. It seems to me that just getting the wine out should be sufficient.


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