Might Be a Pine Tree Seedling

Jan was a tremendous help by suggesting that my seedlings might be from some type of pine tree. (from my post REFLECTIONS: Is This a Weed ?)

I searched the web and found photos that looked very close to mine.

Here is a photo of my seedling:

I now have two seedlings in the same ceramic pot.

My wife Lynette suggested putting them in separate larger flexible plastic pots to make it easier to transplant when they grow larger.

I'll let you know how it progresses.


  1. I love that beautiful reflection off of the water's

    1. It is. I can't take credit for taking this photo. It showed the type of tree that might grow so I used it.

  2. I sure hope they turn out to be trees for you, John...what a nice gift that would be from Mother Nature~


  3. No mater what it is it will be fun watching it grow.

  4. Yes, I am sure that is a pine seedling. Come to Georgia, I have so many in my yard, I will give you as many as you would like!


Thank you for your comments.