National Walk Around Things Day is on April 4

"This day may be looked at both figuratively and literally:
Literally, one would not walk through a puddle of water or mud, one would walk around it. One would not walk under a ladder or over broken glass, one would walk around it.
Figuratively, one would “walk around” avoiding certain problems or potential problems. One would also “walk around” avoiding arguments, certain situations or unwanted or uncomfortable conversations.
Another possible intent of this day could very well be to walk around things such as a neighborhood, park or the shopping mall."
This is not my idea.  I found it on the web.


  1. I like that "walk around the block."

  2. Oh the things we find on the web. I do like all your interpretations of "walk around".

    1. Thank you. I like them too but I copied them from the site.

  3. I need to get an exercise block like that.


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