My Car Failed Inspection 2016

Chrysler Concord 2001
125,000 miles

Our 15 year old car failed inspection.  The problem was the driver's side window no longer opened and the headlights were out of alignment.

The headlight alignment cost $58.50 for labor.  I might have been able to do it myself but I wasn't sure if I had the tools and I'd rather spend the time doing something else.
The window motor only needed to be opened up and lubricated for $117.

Why do I want to keep the car?  It's the best investment I could ever make. It has little if any depreciation left.  There are no monthly payments.  Very low property tax.  Starts up right away and runs smoothly with a comfortable ride. 

There are a few rattles and it needs some body work; mostly scratches, dings, door rubber seals, etc.  That's not so bad.

I spoke with someone at the garage who told me one of their customers has a 2008 hybrid with over 400,000 miles on it!  It needed a $2,000 battery but the man was happy to pay it. 

I'll have some bodywork done and keep it for a while. 


  1. Labor for repairs is so high. But if it's a good car it can be worth every penny.

  2. Your car is a keeper. It doesn't owe you a thing, and provides excellent transportation at a low cost. Have one in the garage nearly 30 years old that I keep for the same reasons.

  3. I love the idea of keeping a car for as long as possible. That's when you get your money's worth. Our car is a 2003 and still going strong. We will not get another until we absolutely have to.

  4. I drive a 2000 century, it would fail inspection for little things. all my windows are held up by shims, ac is half working, and a few other things. Though luckily, SC does not require inspections

  5. I had a Toyota Tercel that I drove for 22 years. It was a great car and I only got rid of it because the floor boards were rusting out and I just couldn't justify the expense of fixing that particular problem. But it still ran like a top!

  6. Sorry to hear that the car failed inspection. Mine also recently failed due to the emissions being outside of the normal. Repairs in general can be so high but if you love your car then you will surely make it happen. Its a great looking car so hold onto it for a while longer. Thanks for sharing.


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