There Is Always One More Time

If your whole life somehow
Wasn't much 'til now
And you've almost lost
Your will to live
No matter what you've been through
Long as there's breath in you
There is always one more time

And if your dreams go bad
Every one that you've had
That don't mean that some dreams
Can't come true
'Cause it's funny about dreams
As strange as it seems
There is always one more time

Oh turnin' corners
Is only a state of mind
Keeping your eyes closed
Is worse than being blind

If there's a heart out there
Looking for someone to share
I don't care if it's been
Turned down time and time again
And if we meet one day
Please don't walk away
'Cause there is always one more time
There is always one more time


  1. Great song, great voice, great attitude.

  2. Oh . . . how I love this song!

  3. Thanks for the song. It picked up my morning. Now, one more time!

  4. How true. My life has mostly been happy but I still look forward to one more time.

  5. Great lyrics and beautifully sung, he has a rich voice. First time I have heard of him.

  6. I enjoyed this! Thanks.

  7. Thank you for sharing this, a great song with great meaning behind it.


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