Which Browser Do You Use?

I use both. Most of the time I use the Chrome browser because I'm used to it. It feels easier and faster.

But when I want to be very private I use the Firefox browser.  I've read that Firefox does not make money by following where you browse while Chrome may.

I use the Ghostery application on both browsers to see and control who's following me. I've noticed that sometimes when you block a follower a function on my weblog will stop working until I allow it to follow.  But at least I'll know about it.

Ghostery Download Browser Extension | GHOSTERY

I know there are many other browsers but I'm more familiar with these two.

Which browsers do you like to use?


  1. I cannot stand, and never use, Internet ExploDer, (LOL) and I love Google Chrome. I like Google for the ease of use, plus they also own my blog and it is very reliable and functional.

    They own YouTube as well. I agree with you that it is faster, and I stopped using Explorer many years ago because it crashed for practically no reason. Chrome is better, much better. :)

  2. I use Google Chrome at home. At work, I use Google Chrome, Firefox (I'm on it right now) and yes, even the dreaded Internet Explorer!

  3. I've always been using Chrome since it came out

  4. I mostly use Firefox but I store my music and pictures on Explorer. My son also uses Chrome a lot and really likes it.

  5. I favour Firefox but have Chrome and sometimes use it.
    Haven't heard of 'Ghostery' will look it up.
    Have ABP as an extension to help stop the adds.

  6. Ive recently switched from firefox to Google Chrome. I did this since I have a google account and blogger. Its nice to have it all in one place.


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