Short Sad Life of Edgar Allen Poe

Here's a video about Poe's life and one of my favorite poems The Raven.
What I find amazing is how The Raven sort of predicted the death of his wife and his own.

Lonely Little Pumpkin

This one little pumpkin is my entire harvest!  When I threw last year's pumpkin into the garden many seeds sprouted this past Spring.

Lynette pulled out most of the plants to make room for Sunflowers. But the vine that remained only grew this one pumpkin.

At least I have one. This will be our Halloween Pumpkin.  It's too small to carve so I'll leave it as is.

Leopard Slug in Backyard

This slug was on the walkway from my house to my driveway.
It's more than just an ordinary slug.  It's a Leopard Slug.
Here you see it eating a dried out slug that died the day before.

This is the slug that died before it was dried up and eaten.

This other slug is crawling up the banister.

In this closeup I noticed that the back of the slug
 has different markings than the front.

I found an interesting video about the Leopard Slug's odd mating behavior. It surprised me on how strange it actually is; like a science fiction movie.


Cypress Vine Along the Ground

You can see the white pollen in the photograph above.  I had to wait for a breeze to stop before taking the photo.

Here's the trellis it was planted for.

The vine started growing along the ground.  I like its feathery leaves.

It's growing along the seam between the driveway and carport.  I didn't want to pull it out.

Apple Harvest Festival 2016

It was an interesting, fun afternoon at the local fairgrounds.  It started to rain when we got to the fair but it only lasted for about one minute, then the sun came out.  Besides displays of various kinds of apples there were art projects for sale and food stands.

I  never knew there were so many varieties of apples, hundreds of them.

Lynette and I bought two candle holders from this woman who somehow made them from tin cans using a blowtorch.

Antique cars were on display in another area.

This Thunderbird reminds me of the one I saw in my neighborhood when I was a kid.  It was white. I loved it. At first I thought the dummy under the car was run over but with the tools by its legs it was supposed to be fixing the car.
I wonder why Ford stopped making the Thunderbird. I know they made them again but only for a short time. I'd like to own a modern version.

This is the model of the Corvare I learned to drive with.  My father would take me to an empty parking lot and let me take the wheel.  Every once in a while the car would stall because a belt came off the engine.  We opened the hood, which was in the back of the car and just put it back on the air cooled engine. Then we were back in action.

Magic Eye 3D Images

The "magic eye" above contains a rough 3D image of a woman.

Remember the Magic Eye images popular in the 90's?  I could see some of them but others were impossible. I bought two Magic eye books but never used them. They're sitting in the bookcase next to each other in almost brand new condition.  Maybe I'll get back into it someday.

Here are some tips on how to do it:

"One way to help the brain concentrate on divergence instead of focusing is to hold the picture in front of the face, with the nose touching the picture. With the picture so close to their eyes, most people cannot focus on the picture. The brain may give up trying to move eye muscles in order to get a clear picture. If one slowly pulls back the picture away from the face, while refraining from focusing or rotating eyes, at some point the brain will lock onto a pair of patterns when the distance between them matches the current convergence degree of the two eyeballs." Wikipedia

"Another way is to stare at an object behind the picture in an attempt to establish proper divergence, while keeping part of the eyesight fixed on the picture to convince the brain to focus on the picture. A modified method has the viewer focus on their reflection on a reflective surface of the picture, which the brain perceives as being located twice as far away as the picture itself. This may help persuade the brain to adopt the required divergence while focusing on the nearby picture." Wikipedia

More tips:
  1. Since you can not pick up the computer monitor and move it away from your face, try moving your body away from the computer screen. Get up out of the chair and onto your feet. Prepare to assume a slightly contorted position.
  2. Put your nose right up against the computer screen. The image will become very blurry. Admire those glowing blotches of color. (Let's put any thoughts about the possible ill effects of close-range electromagnetic fields out of our minds for the moment, shall we?) The point is you have just easily defeated your tendency to focus right at the surface of the computer screen. In order to see the 3D image you must look through the computer screen, not atthe computer screen.
  3. Ask yourself what your eyes feel like because you need to maintain the same feeling and the sameposture of your eyes as you move away from the image. Check yourself again. Your focus is completely relaxed. The image is blurry. You are staring through the monitor, off into space.
  4. Now slowly take a step back from the computer screen while maintaining the same position of your eyes. Allow the image to remain blurry. Relax, breathe, blink.
  5. Continue to walk very slowly backwards, away from the computer screen. The hidden 3D image will gradually come into view.
  6. Continue aiming your eyes beyond the computer screen. Do not look directly at the image or the computer. If you suddenly shift your focus and look right at the screen, you will lose the 3D effect. Try again.
  7. Once you recognize the 3D shape, if you continue to look into the background rather than directly at the shape, the 3D effect will increase. Stereoscopic perception seems to have a saturation effect in the brain, so if you keep looking at the image for a while you will notice that your perception of the depth increases. Cool. (I lost the link for this.)

BrainBashers : Stereograms

Defy Superstition Day Tuesday September 13th

"Stepping under a ladder on Friday 13th whilst clutching a horseshoe the right way up is a great way of starting off Defy Superstition Day. From throwing salt over your shoulder if you spill some to worrying about black cats, the world is full of superstitions. Defy Superstition Day gives you the chance to let your rational mind overcome these strange dictates to prove once and for all that a solo magpie or treading on cracks in the pavement have no influence on your life.

You may wish to celebrate by holding a “Defy Superstition” party. Guests must, of course, wear red and white together, have dinner around a table set for thirteen and all put umbrellas up whilst indoors. Otherwise, why not challenge yourself to see how many superstitions you can break in an hour? A great opportunity to face your fears, Defy Superstition Day is always worth celebrating."
(From the Days of the Year site)

I knock on wood, stay away from the number 13, only pick up a penny on the street if it's face up, throw salt over my shoulder (I think it's the left shoulder) if I spill some.  Does this make me superstitious?

What superstitions do you have?

Miles is Two Years Old

Miles sitting next to his best friend.

At my grandson's 2nd birthday party Laurissa announced she was pregnant and due in April!  It was such a happy surprise.  She doesn't know if it will be a girl or boy.

The Best On-Hold Music I've Ever Heard

Click here to listen

Does anyone know the title and composer?

On the web no one seems to know.  It's not Golden Dragon.  A few people called the corporate office but they had no idea.  It's a mystery.

I've heard it was created specifically for large corporations with no name and no credit given to the composer.

CVS, the drugstore chain, uses it as their on-hold music.

Here's someone on the piano playing it:


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