Short Sad Life of Edgar Allen Poe

Here's a video about Poe's life and one of my favorite poems The Raven.
What I find amazing is how The Raven sort of predicted the death of his wife and his own.


  1. He lived in England as a child. I think I see the influence on his writing.

  2. That's a remarkable poem and a remarkable man, in my eyes, great video, thanks for posting it!

  3. I do like the painting and thanks for posting the video ...

    All the best Jan

  4. My all-time favorite author/poet. He could set a mood with words the way no one else has been able to do. His was a sad life. It seemed that life itself was a struggle for him most of the time.

  5. He also had a knack for making enemies, was a severe alcoholic and may have died from syphilis.

  6. I never tire of reading Poe's writings. Wonderful video, John.
    He was a tragic figure and he wrote from this.
    I have always been a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe.
    How sad that he had to die to be thought of as a great writer~


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