The Best On-Hold Music I've Ever Heard

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Does anyone know the title and composer?

On the web no one seems to know.  It's not Golden Dragon.  A few people called the corporate office but they had no idea.  It's a mystery.

I've heard it was created specifically for large corporations with no name and no credit given to the composer.

CVS, the drugstore chain, uses it as their on-hold music.

Here's someone on the piano playing it:


  1. I don't know the composer or title but it sure is delightful music!

  2. Never heard it before and afraid I don't know anything about it!

  3. I looked around a little. That lovely song probably does not have a name. Music is composed and performed strictly as "on hold" music. It seem to be a waste because that is a moving piece.

  4. This is the first time I hear this. It's quite lovely!

  5. Oh I do love that. Have heard it but sorry don't know the Composer.


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