Does USA Have the Same Fate as the Roman Empire?

There are many similarities but I believe there is still time to set things right. Here are some opinions I found from a few articles on the web.  I'll try to condense them and leave a link in case you want to read more.

From Salon:
8 striking parallels between the U.S. and the Roman Empire -

1 — Staggering Increase in the Cost of Elections, with Dubious Campaign Funding Sources.
Our 2012 election reportedly cost $3 billion. All of it was raised from private sources – often creating the appearance, or the reality, that our leaders are beholden to special interest groups.

2 — Politics as the Road to Personal Wealth.
“Their focus is therefore not so much on the people who sent them to Washington. Their focus is instead on those who will make them rich.” (Republic Lost)

3 — Continuous War: A national state of security arises, distracting attention from domestic challenges with foreign wars.
Similar to the late Roman Republic, the US – for the past 100 years — has either been fighting a war, recovering from a war, or preparing for a new war: WW I (1917-18), WW II (1941-1945), Cold War (1947-1991), Korean War (1950-1953), Vietnam (1953-1975), Gulf War (1990-1991), Afghanistan (2001-ongoing), and Iraq (2003-2011). And, this list is far from complete.

4 — Foreign Powers Lavish Money/Attention on the Republic’s Leaders.
 As one specific example: A foreign businessman donated $100 million to Bill Clinton‘s various activities. Clinton “opened doors” for him, and sometimes acted in ways contrary to stated American interests and foreign policy. (Was Hillary planning this?) 

5 — Profits Made Overseas Shape the Republic’s Internal Policies.
As the fortunes of Rome’s aristocracy increasingly derived from foreign lands, Roman policy was shaped to facilitate these fortunes. American billionaires and corporations increasingly influence our elections.  (I hope this is not Trump's goal.)

6 — Collapse of the Middle Class.
In the period just before the Roman Republic’s fall, the Roman middle class was crushed — destroyed by cheap overseas slave labor.

7 — Gerrymandering.
Rome’s late Republic used various methods to reduce the power of common citizens.

8 — Loss of the Spirit of Compromise.
The Roman Republic, like ours, relied on a system of checks and balances. Compromise is needed for this type of system to function. In the end, the Roman Republic lost that spirit of compromise, with politics increasingly polarized...

Here is a large table of comparisons by ROSEANN SALANITRI 
Rome v. America: when nations die | Conservative News and Views

Table: Parallels between ancient Rome and modern America

Factors that contributed to the fall of Rome
Similar factors that exist in America today
Antagonism between the Senate and the EmperorAntagonism between the President and Congress, as well as between our two major Parties
Economic factors included:
  • Trade deficits
  • Inflation
  • Poor management by government
  • Poor leadership in government
Economic factors include:
  • Trade deficits
  • Inflation
  • Poor management by government
  • Poor leadership in government

Decline in morals – especially in the rich upper class.Decline in morals – especially within the entertainment and sports industries.
Political corruption was rampantPolitical corruption is rampant
Constant WarsConstant Wars
High unemployment within the working class, resulting in increasing dependency on governmentRising unemployment within the working class, resulting in increasing dependency on government programs.

High cost of the “Dole” which was government supplied bread and entertainment for the non-working poor.
High cost of government dole, including food stamps, Medicaid, extended unemployment insurance and other government entitlement programs.
Unrestricted trade agreements with foreign nations, resulting in Roman citizens not being able to compete with foreign trade.Free trade agreements that have resulted in loss of American jobs, since Americans cannot compete with foreign low wages.
Class warfare between the rich and the poor.Government inspired class warfare between the rich and the poor.
Increased government subsidies enabled citizens to live comfortably without working.Increased government entitlements allow citizens to live comfortably without working.

The mob and the cost of games – the roman government provided circuses for the unemployed.

Decline in ethics and values – the decline in Roman ethics and values is well-known and needs no further explanationAmerica has experienced a decline in ethics and values that cannot be argued and needs no further explanation.
Decline in morals led to the destruction of families. It was not common to have two parent households.Decline in morals is leading to the destruction of families. It is now common to have single parent households.
Barbarian Invasion

For America, this can be considered to be Islamic terrorists.

Expansion of government – Ralph Martin Novak, author of “Christianity and the Roman Empire,” stated:“…whereas at the start of the third century A.D. the Roman emperors employed only about 300 to 350 full-time individuals in administering the Empire, by 300 A.D. this number had grown to some 30,000 or 35,000 people.”
Expansion of government. It has been said that today you will work for the government one way or another.
High taxes were instituted to fund growing government and its programs.High taxes are being instituted to fund growing government and its programs.
Government ceased being the servant of the people and became its nanny.The Nanny State is increasing exponentially.

Practices of infanticide were justified and legal.
Abortion is justified and legal.
Gladiator games, chariot races, and forms of violence were considered entertaining.Violent games of all kinds are considered entertaining.

Decline of the military and reduced incentives to join, including lack of respectable leadership.Attempts to disrespect and underfund the military have thankfully been unsuccessful.

Citizenship granted to foreigners
Amnesty and disregard for immigration laws.
Romans became globalists instead of nationalists.Americans are encouraged to become globalists, abandoning patriotism.

I may not agree with all of these comparisons but there are enough of them to get me to think about our risky future. 

A touch of hope:
"If the technological promises of nanotechnology, robotics, and biological breakthroughs can be realized, America’s democratic history, can-do spirit, and belief in social equality might prevail in a world of ideas, not shortages."
Quote Link:
Is America the New Rome? - United States vs. the Roman Empire


  1. I am sorry to see our country in such a state. In my opinion neither Trump, nor Clinton were good choices for the USA. I voted for who I thought was the lesser of two evils...I am scared for our future generations. Money talks and that's what we are going to have to fix if we want our country to be great again. Just my humble opinion~

  2. It's hard to say. America's rise was not exactly that ancient ago. It was only a superpower during WWII. Not even close to a hundred year reign yet

    1. You're right it hasn't been a long time. Hopefully things will work out.

  3. No one knows what the future holds. We can hope for the best while working to make this a better world for everyone.

  4. If you were to ask my children they would tell you I have made these comparisons for years. The United States has been a strong democracy and world power for longer than any other country in history. Are we doomed to fall? I certainly hope not but the similarities are ther.

  5. Food for thought ... or perhaps I should say words for thought here John.
    I feel inclined to echo Martha's words here "No one knows what the future holds. We can hope for the best while working to make this a better world for everyone."

    Wishing you a good Friday and weekend to come.

    All the best Jan

    1. I think Martha has the best advice.
      Have a good weekend.


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