Mild Seizure Early This Morning

I had a seizure this morning, nothing major.  Four men and a woman who was in charge came to the house.  The four men must have come because Lynette said I was acting strange.  I don't remember it.

I remember Lynette talking on the phone and locking herself in another bedroom.  I asked what she was doing and she told me about the seizure.  I couldn't believe it.  I was sure she was overreacting to a nightmare I must have had but I didn't remember any dream.  

When the medics arrived they took my blood pressure and some other physical exams.  Then they asked me several questions which was very disturbing.

I could not remember my daughter and granddaughter's names for a while.  The year and day of the week was difficult.  The name of the president was a mystery. But after a few minutes it all came back to me, thank God.

They asked me if I wanted to go the the hospital but I did not want to go.  I decided to call my neurologist in the morning



  1. That must have been traumatic for both you and your wife. I am so sorry John. You are in my prayers. Think happy thoughts ☃❄⛄🎄

    Your Friend

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this, John. I can only imagine how frightening and traumatic it must have been for both of you. I hope everything turns out well.

    1. I thought it was only a nightmare!
      I'm sure after I see the doctor this week we'll figure something out.

  3. Goodness, that does sound scary. Take care, will be praying for you.

  4. Well, I hope that incident doesn't repeat itself! Feel better soon, John.

    1. Thanks Debra. I hope it's not going to happen more frequently.

  5. Best wishes mate. That's a terrible thing to happen.

    1. Thanks Treey. It's nothing, especially compared with what you have to go through.

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    1. My blood pressure was slightly high at the time but it's usually on the low side.
      It must have been all of the excitement.
      Thanks John

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    1. It is but hopefully everything will be settled.
      Thanks Adam

  8. I have epilepsy so I understand what you mean about the stupid questions. I realize that they are trying to assess your condition but they do not understand what has just happened to your nervous system. If I may I would like to inform people about what should be done if a person has a seizure.
    1. Make sure he/she cannot fall of bump into something or otherwise injure him/herself.

    2. Do not try to insert anything into the mouth. You can cause injury. And never use your fingers. A person having a seizure could bite them off when their teeth clench.

    3. As soon as the person is conscious say, "This is (use your name). You just had a seizure.

    4. Let the person know that he/she needs to rest. Make sure they are warm and comfortable and keep an eye on them in case of another seizure.

    5. If a seizure lasts more than a couple of minutes or if the person has multiple seizures get them to a hospital.

    What happens to the nervous system during a seizure sort of scrambles the nerve impulse centers. The brain and nerves need to retrace themselves. That is why you couldn't remember things that you would normally know. Better questions might have been "What is your name?', "Do you know where you are?', and the ever simple "How many fingers am I holding up?".
    Because of my personal experience and extensive research I have done I feel as if I am an expert. I do know more than many doctors on the subject. In medical school seizures are one of many subjects that are mentioned but not explored.
    Good luck. And tell your wife to protect herself if she feels she must but to try not to be afraid and be ready to follow the steps when the seizure is over.
    P.S. I once forgot I had a baby and scared my husband half to death.

    1. By the way you cannot swallow your tongue. However it can block your airway so it might be good to gently ease the person onto his/her side so the tongue will fall away from the throat.

  9. Oh John, I'm sorry to read this. It must have been traumatic for both you and your wife.
    You are in my thoughts and I send good wishes your way.
    Hope everything is resolved soon.

    Take care

    All the best Jan


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