National Button Day

"National Button Day is observed annually on November 16. 
Founded in 1938, the National Button Society 
recognized button collecting as an organized hobby. 
Both novice and advanced button collectors celebrate
 the enjoyment collecting on this day."

Quote from the site:

Who knew?  I've never heard about this hobby but it does make sense.  If you can collect coins and stamps, why not buttons?  I don't think I'll start collecting buttons myself though.


  1. I've heard of it, but I figured only grannies do it

  2. Both my Grandmother and Mother collected buttons from old clothing. They were often used to replace lost buttons, and sometimes to put a set of buttons of a newly knitted sweater. I think one of those collections is somewhere around the house.

  3. When my ex-husband died I knew it when I woke up. How? I had a dream that I was frantically sorting buttons that came in those huge plastic storage bins. I came across a dream catcher just as his step-son came in. Then I went back to sorting as I would periodically point to the place to deliver the flowers for his funeral. Weird huh? When my children were scattering their father's ashes as he had asked them to do I stood and watched respectfully. My daughter-in-law looked at me and said, "I believe this is for you." It was one of his buttons that was in the ashes. So I have one button in my collection.

  4. I've never heard of this before! But sure, why not? People collect all kinds of things.

    1. I wonder what other things are collected.

  5. Well, I never knew of a National Buttons Day ... but now I do!

    My dear mum and Gran used to have tins full of odd buttons, so useful for knitting and sewing but also lovely to sit and play with. I can remember sorting out colours, sizes ... some were quite plain, while others had patterns on them - happy memories of childhood.

    All the best Jan

  6. Never heard of Button Day - there seems to be a day for nearly everything now.


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