Strange Jumping Spiders

I've never seen these interesting spiders myself but I'd love to see one up close in real life.

Here are a few videos.

Their eyes are special.

This Wednesday I have an appointment to see my neurologist about the small seizure I had last week.  It always happens while I'm asleep so I should be okay during the day.  Maybe a medication adjustment might help.  Thanks for your encouraging comments.


  1. Goodness, the eyes are truly amazing, I can't say I've ever watched videos like these before!

    Glad that you are seeing your neurologist on Wednesday.
    Sending my good wishes to you - take care

    All the best Jan

  2. One come near me and id scream like a girl

  3. I was wondering how things are going with you. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope it was a one time thing.

  4. I find spiders so fascinating! There is just something about them.

    Best wishes for the visit with your neurologist. I hope all goes well!

  5. Hope all goes well at the Doctor for you..
    My, those spiders! Amazing creatures but a little scary.


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