"Pixabay" Free Images!

Here is a site I just found out about.  You may already know about it but it's new to me.  It allows you to download images without having copyrights, to use for any purpose.

The Link:

Let me know what you think.  Do you know of similar sites?


  1. Pretty cool eye and possibly a great site~

  2. This is the one I use for almost all of the pictures on my blog that aren't my own. (You can tell which are which because I credit Pixabay if I use something from there.) It has a fantastic selection! Another one is but I like Pixabay better. It's really nice to have such a good resource, shared by photographers from all over. If you're looking for more just search for "public domain photographs."

  3. I will check it out. I use Wikimedia Commons.

  4. That is really cool. I'll check this out!

  5. Neato, I will check it out!
    (Can you tell I grew up in the 1960's..."neato", no one says that anymore!)

  6. Good to know! I just steal my images from anywhere and everywhere. Occasionally I get a notice threatening to report me for copyright violation in regard to some photo or another, so I immediately take it down, with abject apologies to the owner. Maybe 3 times that has happened in 8 years of blogging? Good averages.

    1. Apparently I'm incorrigible compared to all the other goody-two-shoes who have commented so far. Sheesh. SIN BIG, people!

    2. We're not making any money from it so it's not really stealing.
      If no one sees the photo then it has no value, so we're adding value.
      I guess the owner of the photo wants to get credit for it even though no one knows who they are or really cares.
      Do you like my rationalizations?
      If I feel guilty about it I'll give them credit, if I can see who it is.
      But anyway there really isn't any great harm, maybe except if they make a living from their photography.

  7. I often use wikimedia for the same reason

  8. Fantastic site, have been looking through it but could spend a lot of time there.
    I don't like taking peoples photos to use on my blog have only done it a few times - mostly use my own photos and I wonder how many times people just steal them to use. I do know that I get emails asking can they be used etc. and that's appreciated by me.


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