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Modern David

David by Michelangelo 

It takes a lot of money to buy all the food needed to gain so much weight.

Is it gluttony?
It can actually be a disease.

"The hormones leptin, insulin, oestrogens, androgens and growth hormone influence our appetite, metabolism and body fat distribution. People who are obese have hormone levels that encourage the accumulation of body fat."
Obesity and hormones - Better Health Channel

Why does it seem that there are many more
overweight people than in the past?

-High fat and sweet fast food restaurants?
-Larger portions?

Any Ideas?


  1. I've also seen that "Modern David" entitled "David in America."

    1. I think you're right. It's mostly we Americans who have this problem.

  2. My thought is that some people enjoy eating more that others and as we are a more sedentary society in our ways because of internet and television and such, we pack on more pounds without lifting a finger :)

    BTW...I admit that I prefer the David by Michelangelo. But I am sure the modern David has a great personality ;}

  3. I think that Jan is partially correct. We do not get enough exercise. But the composition of our foods and the way we eat them has changed. We did not have to worry about our carb and fat intake in the past. Partly because we were more active and partly because the foods were not processed. We ate three meals a day at the same time every day. Now we catch a bit of food when our busy schedules allow. We are also expected to be overly thin no matter what our body type.

  4. The past was different. Most people had to walk to get somewhere, ride a bike, there wasn't the same food available back then - totally different life and style, a whole lot of reasons.

  5. I have read that we've been exposed to estrogen-like chemicals from all the plastics that began to be so common in our homes in the 1980s - eg., plastic dishes, storage containers, toys - and that it is partly to blame for early onset of puberty for girls and higher levels of estrogen and lower fertility in boys who are now men ... If the article you quote is correct, perhaps plastics have had an effect on our metabolisms and obesity rates as well.

    Personally, I gained a lot of weight over the years from being so sedentary and from eating high calorie foods. It is a struggle to become more active, to fit activity into a busy day, and to eat plain foods. One thing I've noticed is that the majority of restaurant food seems to be high in calories - sauces and dressings on everything, huge portions, rich desserts, and alcohol - and many people eat out more often than in previous generations.

    Good food for thought, John!

    1. Thanks Jenny. The plastics must have definitely played a role.

  6. Besides very rare disorders, I think obesity is pretty much the fault of the person. If we took a time machine to the olden days where food was not exactly something that was expected 3 times a day among the common people, I don't think we'd find any fat people there.

  7. Could too much hidden sugars in our foods be to blame?
    Could it be that we do not take as much exercise as previous generations?

    Speaking personally I find that eating whole, real food and not processed helps enormously. In the past eight years I have also reduced my carbohydrate intake, increased my healthy fat intake and kept moderate protein.

    We each have to be responsible for our lifestyle as best we can and as well informed as we can be ... in these modern times computers can help us with research, however if we should have any medical problems it's always best to discuss things with our Doctor.

    All the best Jan


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