To-Do List or Calendar or Both or What?

I admit being a little obsessive about getting organized. Sometimes I spend more time getting organized than in actually doing much.
I fear missing out on something.
I fear something harmful may happen if I'm not prepared.

From Lost At Sea by Skye Taylor

I want to have control of my life but I believe that only about 30% is actually under a person's control.  Most of life is like being at sea in a small sailboat tossed around by winds and waves.

I want to avoid complications and confusion. But too much organizing will result in complication and confusion. Yet I find it in a way to be soothing even enjoyable. Maybe it's calming my anxiety by distracting me?

It's possible that so much effort and time is a waste.

Time spent organizing is time spent not enjoying the present moment.

Any ideas about my "anxiety"?
How do you get organized?


  1. One thing to deal with anxiety is to take three very deep breaths. Then get a glass of water. As far as your planning there is nothing wrong with getting organized. But perhaps you could set aside a certain amount of time at the same time each day. You could concentrate on nothing but making your plans and absolutely nothing else. Then not allow yourself no more time time until the next day. I guess what I am saying is to organize your organizing.

  2. My question is ... how much stuff do you have that you don't use?

  3. I love lists but I don't get upset if I can't check-off everything on them. I use them as a tool to remind me of something that warrants my attention. I actually do try to do what needs to be done first...even though I may not list them in order.
    I'm old and forgetful and I need reminders so a list is good "but NOT written in stone!!!"
    I take deep breaths through my nose and exhale slowly through my mouth when I feel anxiety. Then I have a nice cup of tea while I watch the world outside my window in bad weather or I sit outside on my swing when it is nice~

  4. I think lists can be quite helpful ...

    I (do my best to) make sure there is some quiet time in the day to simply relax, usually with a nice cup of tea!

    All the best Jan

  5. It sounds like you may have already identified why you like to organize - as a distraction from anxiety, and I look on distractions as a positive thing. I could be wrong on that though. I do like Emma's idea about planning a time to organize. I've run into that before as a way to deal with excessive worrying.


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