Our March Towards Peace?

Sorry for this emotional post but this idea has been on my mind for a while.  If it's too upsetting just skip it.
By now I imagined the world be at peace, using the fortune spent on warfare to improve everyone's life.  But it's worse than ever. Will there be a third world war?

I remember what my uncle Ben told us. He believed that war was a way that nature used to stop overpopulation. Sounds strange doesn't it?

But is war an inevitable uncontrollable force of evil?

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Is it hopeless?


  1. I like to be optimistic, but realistically it is always possible. Human beings never seem to learn how to all get along.

  2. It's a good question, John. The great powers stepped back from the brink of nuclear war in the 60s, which is reason to be optimistic. But I think also that there will always be struggles for power, which can lead to conflict. Some of the wars in the Middle East have been going on for hundreds of years. I've concluded that the best I can do is to encourage peaceful behavior in my life, and to keep informed about local, regional, national and international affairs, in case action needs to be taken. I also try not to be put off by the news, because only bad news seems to be reported. If you look at science websites and TED talks on youtube, you soon realize that there are so many good people working to better the world and to solve the problems we have. And that keeps me hopeful.

  3. You have done a lot of work finding quotes and photos for your post.
    If we could see into the future we would know that answer.
    Personally the world and it's people are heading towards another world war.
    Inclined to agree with Albert Einstein.

  4. I will never believe it is hopeless. That being said I also believe it will be a long time before the "little wars" that we see around the world will be extinguished. It will be difficult because so many leaders of countries seem to enjoy the power they feel while inflicting these horrors on others.

  5. I don't think we will have WWIII anytime soon. Most large world nations are not at risk at war anymore. Putin knows what war against NATO will do to his own country. That's why the war machine finds these small nations to bring "freedom" to

  6. War will not end until human greed and lust for power ends.

  7. I don't see war coming anytime soon but things are bad right now. I don't think we'll ever see real peace.


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