Starting a Mini Vegetable Garden 2017

I added more soil to top off the garden from last year.
I have a plastic net over the top to keep the deer and birds away.

 The front, back and side wooden frames make it a cube
to keep the rabbits and squirrels away.

I put a plastic sheet over the soil to prevent the weeds from growing.
But it looks ugly and Lynette said it may encourage mold so I'm removing it as soon as I get a chance.  The garden is so small that weeding it should be easy.


  1. That looks great! :) I put down cardboard a week or so ago after I got the soil ready in the beds. I'm hoping the weeds keep away. We've had so much rain, I think I'll go out and check to make sure I don't see any mold. I have to think of building some kind of netting as well to keep the critters away. I have some chicken wire that I bought, so I'll probably make some frames and a quick fence. The problem here are mostly birds, squirrels, rabbits and skunks. The deer, not so sure. We have a community garden just a block away, and they try to hope that fence all the time.

  2. Yeah, get one of those weed-puller things on a long stick and you won't even have to bend over!

  3. Good looking mini-garden. You could use mulch to keep weeds out, but weeds seem to grow most everywhere.

  4. That's why I don't like gardening, it's too much work for me.

  5. And this is why we don't have a garden - the deer would eat everything in it! Looks like you have found yourself a solution to the wildlife problem. Have you decided what you will plant?

    1. 1 Tomato, 1 Eggplant, some Cucumbers, Basil

  6. That's a nice little garden. Mulch will help keep out some of the weeds.

  7. John, I have considered doing a small raised bed on the south side of our house (only place where there's sun). But am experimenting with a few large container pots to see if this will work. Right now I have red bell pepper, curly parsley, and basil growing. We'll see how these do.

  8. That's a great idea. If I had a yard, I would have a vegetable garden too. My brother has one and usually brings me some vegies he's grown because he ends up with so many.

  9. You should get a good yield. That may be smaller than most gardens but there is a lot of room.

  10. You can't beat home-grown vegetables.
    This looks good ... happy growing.

    All the best Jan


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