Garden Progress June 2017

The tomato plant made a great start.  So did the cucumbers on the left.

These two tiny tomatoes are about the size of a pinkie nail. I got up close to see the hair-like details on  the stalk.

The cucumbers are doing well, no cukes yet.

I love the way the tendrils find a way to hold the plant to the support.

The basil plants are about six inches tall now.


  1. Wonderful start to your garden. I see your tomato and cucumber plants are not going to get away being caged in like that. Good work.

  2. So pleased you showed how your garden plants are growing - they do look healthy.

  3. Healthy looking garden. Smart to grow your own.

    Kind regards,

  4. Good progress! Oh, I LOVE the smell of tomato plants - even the vine-ripened tomatoes in the grocery store give off that scent!

  5. Your plants seem to be doing very well and look healthy. I only have red bell peppers, basil, and curly parsley here in containers, but so far they are doing well too.

  6. Garden looking good. Won't belong before you can harvest some veggies.

  7. Your garden looks great!!! I'm so envious of your basil. Mine sputtered and I got maybe 4 tiny little leaves so far. We need more heat here to help it out I think!

    1. Dear Rain,
      I've read that you need to pinch the center stalk of your plant about six weeks after you plant it outside in order to force side growth and prevent early flowering. Never cut the woody part of the stem or your plant won’t grow back.
      Pinch leaves regularly to encourage production.
      Good luck.

    2. Thanks so much for the tip! I just planted another batch of basil this morning, so I'll keep an eye on it and take your advice! :)

  8. These look very healthy plants, especially the basil.
    It's so lovely to have home grown vegetables ...

    All the best Jan


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