New Outdoor Lighting

Years ago I installed these types of lights myself but now I'm just not steady enough.  It's not worth it to take a chance on falling and injuring myself.

The jobs were so small that I had trouble finding an electrician.  Thank goodness I know a dependable handyman.  He's very honest and does good work.

The old post light was crooked and falling apart.

Installing this motion detector security light over the garage is as easy as changing a light bulb.  But not for me.

Frank the handyman estimated the job to cost about $100 if there were no problems.  He wound up charging me $75.  What an honest man.  He also took away a rotting wooden swing and patched a banister while he was here, no extra charge!

This part of the house has two windows that are hidden from view.  I was able to put this light in myself.  There's no wiring. You just position it and plug it in.

This bright light operates with a motion detector.  It makes it safer from a break in.  The area is safe but we feel a little vulnerable in our somewhat hidden home.  Maybe I'll get a security system someday but I don't think we need one right now.  It's probably all the scary movies we watch late at night that stimulates our imaginations.

Anyway, now it will be easier to see our way into the house from the driveway at night and it looks good. 


  1. Always good to get the help you need from someone you can trust.

  2. Hard to find someone to do little jobs and what a blessing to find an honest one too. : )

  3. Good job and that's really amazing you have an honest handyman! I feel the same way about mechanics and vets...once you find an honest one, don't let them go! I remember watching scary movies alone at night and always thinking there was some kind of monster at my door lol...We have motion detector lights near the front door and in the yard. But our best alarm system is having 3 dogs.

  4. Your handyman is worth his weight in GOLD!

  5. That is a great handyman! It's so hard to find good people like that.

  6. Your guy Frank is a keeper :)


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