Garden Progress 2017

The plants are growing past the top screen!

This is the top of the tomato plant.  I'm not going to trim it, want to see what happens next.  Will tomatoes grow on top of the screen?

Here's another angle where you can see in the back row how the cucumber plants are also growing above the screen.

Only one eggplant so far.

The tomato plant is doing great.


  1. Things are growing nicely. If there are blossoms on top of the screen there will be tomatoes there eventually. Thank you for the update.

  2. Wow - your garden is doing great! Our weeds are doing great, too :)

  3. at least it's a good sized eggplant. Better than my green thumb

  4. Fine looking garden. With eggplant and tomatoes you will eat well. I am sure tomatoes will grow on top of the screen.

  5. Very nice! I'm jealous!!! Actually my tomatoes are really tall too. I did prune them maybe a month or so ago, and they just kept growing taller. I'm finally seeing yellow flowers and I'm hoping my cages are tall enough to support them! Your eggplant looks great!

  6. Good stuff over at your place! The plants are happy.

  7. Garden looks great. I can't imagine why the veggies wouldn't grow on top of the screen (unless the birds or critters get to them).
    Our small container garden on the side is doing great also. DH checked and reported 5 green peppers on the pepper plant, parsley and basil overgrowing their pots! And we have already given bags of Celeste figs to friends as the squirrel and birds have decided to share this year.

  8. Your photos have made me hungry!


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