Cable TV Mess Up

This is how the technician left the outside cable box after the repair.  The kitchen TV was not working after the storm we had the other day.  Luckily the bedroom TV was working.  He told me not to worry because it is still waterproof!
But how?

This is the way it looks from inside the house behind the TV.

This is the view from the other side where he added some sort of plug which it didn't have before.  He said that this time both TV's will stop if something goes wrong.  Why did he do that?  There was no way he was listening to what I said so I let it go, for now.  It was not worth getting into a fight.  Besides, he was much younger than me.

I called the cable company to get a different technician to fix up the mess. But for now both TV's are working.

What happened to pride in workmanship? 


  1. I don't blame you for calling the company to come back and clean up that mess. A technician leaving a home looking like that needs retrained because what he did is no OK in my opinion.

    Hopefully the one coming out now will have more pride in his job.

  2. The guy who setup my internet wasn't much help either.

  3. At one time I had a man from the cable company tell me that it is only when there is competition from another cable company subscribers get good service. He said that when a company is the only one they feel no need to do the work they should. I hope they make it neater. And speaking from experience I can tell you that eventually that mess outside will get moisture in it and it will cause problems. For some reason the company will have a hard time figuring out the problem in the first palce and repairing it in the second.

  4. I wonder the same thing.
    We don't have problems with the cable guy anymore because we don't have cable!!

  5. Pride in workmanship. Such a rare thing. Good for you for calling back to get that mess cleaned up!

  6. We had agreed to have fibre op put in for internet/cable/telephone a couple of years ago, but when the technician started to explain what they had to do, we cancelled. They were going to run wires everywhere outside and inside the house and it sounded like it would be very messy. And for that, we would have the privilege of paying more :)

    I hope you get this resolved by a different technician. It's such a headache when it could have been done better to start with.

  7. Thank you all for your encouraging comments.

  8. Oh my goodness that is not very good at all. All the best and hope it's done to perfection by someone who does take pride in their work.
    Still travelling, came across Wi-fi :) in a towel called Bowen in Queensland.

  9. Good for you for calling back to get that mess cleaned up.

    All the best Jan

  10. We called Optimum to set up a brand new installation for cable and internet ... which then went through the cable box, up the HDMI cord, and fried my TV. ... Cablevision will be prompt in fixing what's clearly a dangerous mess.


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