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The other day I saw Stephen King's movie "IT".  I did not like it at all.  The clown was not scary for me. Above is a photo of the clown from IT.

The characters were mostly young kids with annoyingly squeaky voices. The plot was weak.  At the end of the movie along with the credits was "CHAPTER ONE".  It shows they are planning for a sequel.

Just my opinion.  Maybe you'll like it if you're a Stephen King fan.

I think the TV series "American Horror, Cult" is much better.  The clowns are scarier and the plot is for adults, more complex.

Some clowns from the show:

My favorite has his mask on. 

My favorite putting his mask on.


  1. Oh, that's too bad. I'm not sure I'll be seeing this one.

  2. IT is one of King's better books. I probably won't see the movie. Tim Curry was suh a good Pennywhistle that I cannot imagine anyone else in the part.

  3. I saw it when it came out and it was disappointing. My nightmares are much scarier lol...

  4. I hope people will read your review before they waste their money!
    Shame that clowns are just scary now when they were funny for so many years!

  5. I read the book when it first came out.
    Surprising how clowns are frightening to so many people.

  6. Our Son is terrified of clowns, when he and his son were here on vacation, we had one approach us on the street to make a balloon animal for our grandson, I thought our son was going to kill him, I walked away with our son and my wife guarded the clown and the grandson ;)


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