Summit Point Racetrack in West Virginia

We took Miles to see see a car race.  It was also the first one I've ever seen.

Miles loves the Cars movie cartoons and has models of some of the characters. When he saw the real cars the first thing he noticed was that they did not really have eyes.

Summit Point Racetrack

Below is a clip I found on YouTube.


  1. I'll bet Miles had a great time. Next comes demolition derby.

  2. Your day sounds like a lot of fun John, that's funny about the eyes! :)

  3. I never liked racing when I was little. My parents were nascar watchers

  4. Sounds like a fun time. I've been to a few races.

  5. I think it would be more fun to drive than to watch! I love that last video - all the thrill, none of the danger.

  6. I was taken to an airfield when I was a kid. The noise just freaked me out.

  7. I am glad that you enjoyed this exciting event John.

    my youngest one was too fan of the series of car movies .I can imagine miles's disappointment when he saw car without eyes :)

  8. I bet both you and miles had a great time once the cars started moving, the sound and feeling of watching a live race is hard to describe.


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