Lynette began her physical therapy the other day and her pain seems to be easing a bit.  Thanks for your kind thoughts.

I've been having some computer problems this week.  I'm running Windows 7 on my desktop.  I'll be switching to Windows 10 on a laptop soon.  I've never had a laptop and like the idea of its portability.

Now I want to erase any duplicate files on my old PC before I transfer my photos and files to my new laptop.  I've come across several ways to do this and this weekend I want to try it.  First I want to get a little used to Windows 10.


  1. Both of you -- have fun in your respective tasks!

  2. That's great about your wife. Wishing her full recovery and zero pain!

    Good luck with Windows 10.

  3. Good news that Lynette is feeling better :)
    Best wishes with Windows 10. Hubby loves it. Me...not so much 🍁🍂🎃

  4. Best wishes to your wife. You will love having a laptop and even more you will like Windows 10.

  5. Good luck to both you and Lynette. Two very different challenges but equally difficult!

  6. Best wishes for Lynette and her physical therapy.

    You will like Windows 10, not much of a learning curve but there are differences between it and 7.

  7. Sending best wishes to Lynette.
    Good luck with your computer - hope all goes well.

    All the best Jan

  8. Hope Lynette will be alright, being away I have missed a lot it seems.
    Like Windows 10, laptops are handy at times - enjoy yours.

  9. I pray for Lynette 's perfect health John!

    hope she feels better soon.

    My eldest son bought laptop 6 years ago and after one year gave it to us (specially his younger brother) and bought new for himself.

    since five years we used window 7 and then 8 and now form 1 year window 10 which is quite comfortable and advanced .
    wishing you all the doings on your new laptop joyfully and with peace of mind


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