Not a Nightmare (A Halloween Story)

When Tom awoke, he was on his back.  Next to him on the ground was a woman lying on her side facing away from him.  He tried to get to his feet.  The road seemed to spin too much for him to endure.  He fell back down.

He looked at his hands.  They were soaked in blood.  The taste of blood and bits of steak-like shreds were wedged between his teeth.  He explored the inside of his mouth with his tongue.  It felt like the remnants of some barely cooked steak.  He wiped the blood from his lips on the arm of his jacket staining it bright red.

The story becomes bloodier. 

He sat up to see if the woman was okay.  Blood was dripping from her head creating a small puddle of blood on the street.  He could only see that much in the dim light.  He sat up to have a closer look.

He saw her white blood stained teeth shining through what remained of the left side of her face.  The flesh was ripped off but her lips, painted in dark pink lipstick, were still intact as if nothing had happened.

Vomit instantly erupted too fast for him to stop.  He turned his head to avoid throwing up on the woman.

“Yes she’s dead.  Scared to death.”

The unexpected voice of a woman startled him. Tom tried to make sense of what happened.  His jumbled thinking only made matters worse.

“But how?  I mean I did not do this.  I’m sure of it. I was already passed out.”

The woman responded with a smirk.

“She was dead before you had a chance to kill her.  The woman was scared to death before you could kill her in a more direct way.”

“Did I actually do this?” Tom asked again, afraid of what the answer would be.

“You can’t take all the credit.”


  1. Spooky! This would make for a very scary story around a campfire.

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    1. I'm glad you like it. I'll post more. They're excerpts from a novel I wrote. No success in selling it so I might as well let my friends read it.

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