How to Tell Orientals Apart

I saw this video that I thought you might find interesting. It's from YouTube. Click on the picture above for a better view.

Tomorrow I go for another four hour IVIG treatment.  I'll surf the web, take a nap and whatever.  It's not very interesting except that I get some time to be by myself.  I'm lucky the treatment is covered by my insurance otherwise it would just be too expensive.


  1. Interesting how to tell them apart, it's hard sometimes.
    Hope your treatment goes well.

  2. I usually can tell, for some reason especially with Japanese people, a native Japanese person who lives in America looks a little different than their American children. I never understood that myself.

    1. That is strange. With Italians often the children are taller than their parents.

  3. Hi John, my gosh I hope your treatments go well and are tolerable. Sounds painful and miserable. Thinking of you, I wish I could send you some cookies and cheese!!! :)

  4. Break the gene pools ,they will look same .

    glad your treatment is going fine and from satisfactory resources.
    take good care


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