Wonder What's in an Eye's Reflection?

I found this image while I was surfing the web yesterday.  
It made me wonder what I could find in the eye's reflection.  

Some people believe an image of the last thing a dead person saw would be imprinted on his eyes like a photograph.  That's why some murderers would pluck out the eyes of their victims, to avoid evidence.  Of course this is not what really happens.

I can see the car more clearly here.

The image is starting to blur but I notice another object
 even blurrier but starting to take shape.

My conclusion is that there are two cars on opposite sides of the street with the open road between them.  It must be a one way street because they are facing the same way.

What's on this other side of the eye's reflection?  I see a doorway behind the dark outline of what could be a person's head.  Maybe another doorway or window further down a hallway.

Any ideas?


  1. Cool picture!!
    Maybe the cars are in a parking lot and that is why they are facing the same way.

  2. It looks to me like two vehicles got into an accident.

    That's amazing what an eye can reflect!

    I'm at a totally different place now John my friend if you'd like to follow along, just click on my name and you'll be taken there.

  3. interesting up closer regarding those two vehicles.

  4. Looks like the eye is looking out a window at the street to me! I've read about the plucking of the eyes superstition too. Very creepy deed!


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